So it has come to this…

I have been threatening to start a blog for a long time. Now my course is more or less done this is now actually happening in real life. This is going to be a place for me to write about stuff like films, music and many more. I hope anyone who decides to read it has fun doing so. Cause I love to write. It is well good. Hopefully the more I do the better I will be at words and that.

To kick this off I will be reviewing all 52 animated Disney films released in cinemas from the division of Disney known as The Walt Disney Studios. So that means:

-No direct to DVD films (maybe one day cause that particular mine is full of gold)

-No mixed animation and live action like Song of the South or Mary Poppins

-No Disney films not created and released by the Walt Disney Studios. So that means no Toy Story, The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Brave Little Toaster. To name but three.

The desire to review Disney films as an adult has been there for a while. But then one crazy night when I couldn’t sleep I attempted one of those quizzes where you have 10 minutes to name all the Disney animated films. I did poorly. This surprised me as I don’t know much about a lot things (Me and Otis have a lot in common) but I figured I knew Disney classics better than most. So I tried again. Some of the films sounded made up. I mean, what the hell is ‘Make Mine Music?’ So then it occurred to me, at 4am in the morning I always get great ideas, that the key to success would be to learn them in order. So I did. By the time dawn broke and reasonable humans left their homes to attend their jobs I had memorised the release dates of all 52 animated Disney films, many of which I had either never seen or had not looked at in quite a few years. I was tired but victorious. I had a new, impressive and very odd party piece and knew what I wanted my first series of Blog posts to be about.

So I will be reviewing them in order. Naturally. I am really looking forward to the ones I have never watched, of which there are a lot more than I imagined. So many questions: What are the little known films made during the war like? Does the Disney renaissance period (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King) trump the first run of classics? What the hell is an Emperor’s new Groove? Is Treasure Planet just Treasure Island in space? God I hope so. And can I sit through a film about a hunter being turned into a bear for no obvious reason? (It is called Brother Bear. It looks a bit crap)

So the first review and proper post will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and it is coming soon…Excited yet? You should be. Stayed tuned for the singing goat princess, possibly the scariest transformation scene in any animated film and a rather dark moment involving six men holding down another dude and forcing him to clean out his beard against his will.

So I want to thank some of my influences right from the beginning. While this is partly because I hope I don’t end up stealing from any of them by mistake so want to cushion that with a disclaimer expressing my desire not to do this, it is also to acknowledge that they have inspired me to write online and so far this is working out nicely. Some of them do lists, review films, some music, some musical films and other just talk about life in a funny way. I will leave you to work out which is which: has many great internet reviewers but my favourites are: The Nostalgia Critic, The Nostalgia Chick, Welshy, ToddintheShaddows, Phelous, Lupa and Paw. (I am aware the Critic has reviewed all the Disney films too, but I have purposely not watched that series. Honest. You are allowed to though. Go ahead. But then come back to mine)

-Roger Ebert

-Everyone at

-Paul Gambaccini

-Mara Wilson at

-Simon Gwynn at

(If I think of any more, and I know I have missed some out, I will add them on. It is not an Oscar speech so there is nobody to play me off. It can be as long as I like. Man, blogging is going to my head)

DISCLAIMER: All my opinions are my opinions and while I am always on the hunt for validation (who isn’t?) I never intend to flaunt my opinion as fact or law even if I do occasionally get overexcited and claim something is the best thing since people thought of adding cheese to toast. As such I intend to always be honest about how I feel about a film/song/tv episode/snack and represent my take on something without being influenced by popular folklore. I may also sometimes make errors based on shoddy research and poor schooling. But I am not being paid and this is all for fun. So deal with it. * drops microphone and trips while trying to make a cool exit cause even in my fantasies I am horribly inept*

Ok that is all the house keeping out the road. On with the show!

Oh and no. I won’t tell you what Cokieblume is. Stop asking.



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7 responses to “So it has come to this…

  1. Emzy

    I am so excited about this 😀 I await the beard cleaning with much impatience.

    P.S. Please watch (or review!) The Swan Princess at some point. I’m watching it at the moment and though I’m enjoying John Cleese as a french frog I am bewildered by the song choice/placement. I’d love to see your reaction to it!

  2. AP

    Check it out kind of relevantish

  3. AP

    Forgot to add link ye’old man fail

  4. Aisling

    Now I’m gonna have to watch the brave little toaster again!!

  5. Alexandra Hindley

    I disagree on the scariest transformation scene. For me it will always be the boys on that island morphing into cigar-smoking donkeys in Pinocchio… but you’ll get to that 😉

  6. I am deeply fucking honoured.

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