Reviewing Number One Singles from the Year 2000 (Part 1)

Reviewing British Number One Singles from the Year 2000: January-End of June

The world today is not the one I grew up in. For example I am typing on a laptop computer. If I dropped this bad boy on myself I wouldn’t be crushed to death and killed. The same cannot be said for the beast known as the ACORN that I grew up with.

Do not anger it…

There is now a huge market for nostalgia. Buzzfeed seems to exist largely to remind you that the past happened and you were there. For the record, I am not mocking you if you wax lyrical about your childhood like it was interesting and exotic. has made a small fortune off of me through the very clever ruse of producing T Shirts with ‘Saved by The Bell’ and ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ written on them. I am not saying you are wrong to love the stuff you grew up with…except….I may have a bone to pick with people my age who listened to what was in the charts…

Can anyone TRULY believe that the 90’s and early 2000’s was the best time for popular music? People will try though. Not real people mind you. People on youtube. Go on any video more than 5 years old and the top comment will be related to how much better THIS song is than the music of ‘today’. There is an odd conundrum of people from my generation who have kept themselves stuck in the recent past musically by being snobby about what is popular now but citing horrible, horrible songs as our generation’s equivalent to ‘Baba O Riley.’ Again, nobody I know personally has publicly aired this kind of view. But the internet suggests they walk among us. It is surreal. And quite irritating. Because let’s face it: The 60’s and 70’s win. And even they had their fair share of shit.

I plan to prove that one day but today I am launching a different experiment. I plan to go back and review every British Number 1 from the year 2000 onwards. Why the year 2000? This is when I was 12 years old and therefore this was the music that, for better or for worse, was the soundtrack to my adolescence. Where does she stop? Nobody knows…Or I haven’t decided yet. I think I will stop around the time I went to Uni in real life. I am going to remove my nostalgia goggles and tell you straight if the music holds up more than 10 years later.

I started this silliness over a year ago and since then it has become painfully obvious that the mid-late 90’s is where true chart madness lies. This was the time in my young life when I truly embraced cheesy pop bands/brands and I want to talk about that era more than the grim and humourless world of the 00’s. But I started it and I mean to finish it. And then go back and talk about the 90’s. Because seriously guys…What were we thinking?

I have said this before, and even though my readerships is largely made up of people I know pretty well, it must be said again: This is all my opinion as a human. A human who has decided to be brave and admit what music I like and don’t like. On the internet. Ok it is not proper brave like walking through a field full of live mines to save a three legged cat from his own curiosity. (I wrote that as live mimes at first. That would also be quite terrifying.) But it is a big deal for me. If what I say angers you think very, very, carefully before you leave me a comment telling me I am an idiot. Because I will find you. And my wrath will be great. Feel free to give me your take, educate me about the genres of music I am clueless about or even express shock or horror that I would rather listen to Britney Spears than the Manic Street Preachers. But being rude or unpleasant over something this trivial only confirms that everything your Father ever thought about you when he never clapped when you won that prize that time was true. You are not the child he wanted and he will never truly love you.

So here are the questions that I want to answer with this game:

1) Is the current chart notably worse than the one I was listening to as a young person?

2) Are any of the Number 1’s from 10 years ago now bona fide classics?

3) Has my music taste improved, changed or evolved in the last decade or so?

I am using no scientific measurements. I plan to give a brief overview of my take on each Number 1 song, say if I owned it at the time or I listen to it now, and if I believe it is worth remembering.

But first I want you to picture where I was musically. The new millennium had begun bringing with it a genuine mood of disappointed that mankind hadn’t been tested with an apocalypse. I was nearly 12 and in my final year of primary school. I made a lot of mixed tapes on those blank ones that you can inexplicably still buy (who for???) but I also owned quite a few CD’s. My music taste was…somewhat eclectic. I did not know a lot of underground, below the radar stuff and I still don’t. But thanks to my Father and his record collection I knew a fair amount about old school rock, roll, soul and pop. And I responded to Ziggy Stardust and his spiders, Tommy and his pinball machine, Otis waiting at the Dock, the Angel who was playing with Annie’s heart. I wept when I learned that John Lennon and Buddy Holly were dead. On a day when the music teacher asked us to bring in a song that made us feel something I brought in Al Green’s ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?’ and the class laughed, actually laughed because they had never heard a man sing so high before. The music teacher had never even heard of Al Green. Like the irritating little brat I was, I rolled my eyes at her. While she was looking at me. It still astonishes me that I have gotten this far in my life without ever once getting hit in the face. But 3 of the people in my class, all boys, asked me at the end where they could listen to more of the good Reverend. So I counted it as a win for smooth soul.

That’s not to say I was cool. I loved musicals and if anything dominated my music collection it was soundtrack albums to films and shows. Mainly so I could act them out. In my bedroom. Alone. Particular tour de forces included my take on Uma Thurman’s OD from ‘Pulp Fiction’ (girl…you’ll be a woman soon…) and the time I fell off a chair trying to be Liza Minnelli doing ‘Mein Herr.’ But musicals did not tend to make much of a dent on the charts so I will maybe talk more about them another time. Feel free to join me there if/when it happens. (It will happen. I LOVE musicals. And Film soundtracks. And musical film soundtracks.)

And then there was…As I said I want to go back and look at the 90’s because I was something of an impulsive shopper and it is baffling how much crap I bought and then subsequently listened to. So there was a lot of chart pop. A lot of it. Although it would seem by the year 2000 I wasn’t spending nearly as much money on singles.

As I said, I started writing this a long time before I had a blog. Reading some of it back it strikes me as quite pessimistic and despairing, largely due to the persistent reappearance of a boy band I have never been fond of. The year 2001, which I have nearly finished writing about, was a lot better in my opinion. The music doesn’t necessarily hold up but there is more variety and a lot more for me to say. Nonetheless, I want to begin at the beginning. I hope you enjoy it. Have Youtube at the ready!

Date of Number 1: 25.12.1999 (Still number 1 on 1 Jan 2000)
Number of weeks at the top: 4
Artist: Westlife
Song Name: I Have a Dream/Seasons in the Sun
Fact: Their 4th single and their 4th number 1. Both tracks were ‘remakes’ of 1970s hits
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Westlife performed and made music for the love of singing unlike other boybands now’

My Take: Didn’t even like them as a young girl. Bland, predictable and unoriginal. Literally. Both the songs are covers. No stand out charismatic member or even one I would say was especially good looking. Westlife were literally the dullest thing to happen to the UK charts in the late 90’s early 00’s.

Did I own it: Nope. Proud to say I never bought a Westlife track. Although maybe I shouldn’t boast. That is like being proud to have voted in an election. Everyone of a certain age should feel the same way.

Could I sing along now: Yes to the A Side cause it is ABBA, no to the B Side. I am not even sure I could hum it.

Worth remembering: Nope. Already forgotten. Even by the die hard fans as far as I can tell. How fickle the modern world of pop is…

Date of Number 1: 22.01.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Manic Street Preachers
Song Name: The Masses Against the Classes
Fact: Their second and last chart topper this was a limited availability single which was deleted on the day of issue
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

N/A. I guess MSP fans are classier than that. There are a lot of nostalgic comments and political arguments though so maybe not.

My Take: This is about as far removed from Westlife as you can get. Personality, passion and proper song writers/musicians. Having said that, this song totally passed me by and I have no memory of ever having heard it before. Just stuck it on now. Quite different from their other number 1 the much more radio friendly ‘If you Tolerate This…’ Hmm…How fascinating. No big promotion might explain why I missed it, as I learned about chart music mostly from TOTP, taping the UK top 40 and CD:UK none of which would have been regular fodder for MSP. It is good though if somewhat shouty and over earnest almost like they are trying very hard to show they are still alternative indie rockers at heart. A brief bit of research later reveals this is pretty much what they were going for. Some of their fan base were quite annoyed when they started winning Brit Awards so they responded with this. Knowing that makes me like it better and on listen number 3 it is growing on me.

Did I own it: Nope

Could I sing along now: Nope

Worth remembering: Hardly a classic but pretty good. It may live.

Date of Number 1: 29.01.2000 (My 12th Birthday)
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Britney Spears
Song Name: Born to Make You Happy
Fact: Her second UK number 1 and 4th single from her debut album. Yes. This is baby Britney.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘This song makes me cry every time I hear it. I miss the old days’

My Take: I can hear your sneering already. And yet Brit has produced some dam fine pop over the years, through no fault of her own of course. Her debut single, ‘Baby One More Time,’ remains a stone cold classic even if her performance of it drags it down. So to this song: A sappy ballad with an alarming message. Even the title unsettles my gag reflex. The idea of a 16 year old Disney specimen smirking about being born to make some dude happy is a tad creepsome. While this is by no means top drawer Spears, the melodrama of the chorus and Middle 8 appeal to the drama queen in me. There I said it. Stone me. It is going to get a lot more embarrassing…

Did I own it: No. That is not to say I am britney-less…But I never got her first album or bought this song.

Could I sing along now: Yes. With dramatic arms et all. So there.

Worth Remembering: If we can only take 1 early era Britters into the time capsule it has to be ‘Baby One More Time…’ The less said about the video the better.

Date of Number 1: 05.02.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 2
Artist: Gabrielle
Song Name: Rise
Fact: Was her first Number 1 since 1993
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Timeless Classic. Gabrielle was so underrated’

My Take: So what was with her eye always being covered? Was it a fashion thing or was there something wrong with part of her face? Anyway, I really like her voice. I was pleasantly surprised by this actually. Despite it blatantly stealing the beautiful melody from ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ and the irritating choir humming to themselves in a way that wasn’t needed, Gabby performs this nicely without over singing it. It is the epitome of a slow dance number and I am sure has been used in unsubtle romcoms to indicate that the leads regret breaking up and are ready for a 3rd act reconciliation. And what is wrong with that? (besides everything. Don’t say everything. The answer is everything isn’t it?)

Did I own it: No. I am starting to think I didn’t go shopping in 2000. (cause we had to BUY CD’s then, kids)

Could I sing along now: I was able to chime in on the ‘Now I am ready to rise again’ line but that was it. I found it more fun to sing ‘Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door’ though

Worth Remembering: It is better than I remembered but it is not spectacular. Well sung though.

Date of Number 1: 19.02.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Oasis
Song Name: Go Let it Out
Fact: Their first release since 1998
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘I really can’t understand people who like shitty songs by Miley and Gaga when epic songs with gr8 lyrics like this don’t even get a million views’

My Take: Ah, it is everybody’s least favourite Beatles tribute band. Ok, for the record, I have never been able to stand Liam’s vocal on any song (except one. Just to be exact.) and this one in particular sets my teeth on edge. God I don’t like this. It is a glorified, jumped up ‘Hokey Cokey’ and has no business being near my ears. It is ‘I am the Walrus’ in melody only less good. A lot less good. Blur won. I don’t care what anyone says. Blur won.

Did I own it: Ye Gods, No.

Could I sing along now: The chorus has stuck over the years but mainly as a way to demonstrate to anyone who cares why Oasis kind of blow. Best band in the world? Keep dreaming Noel. I bet you were not even the best band who ever played in your parent’s basement.

Worth Remembering: Ha. No.

Date of Number 1: 26.02.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 2
Artist: All Saints
Song Name: Pure Shores
Fact: This was the song for that weird Danny Boyle/Leo Di Caprio film ‘The Beach’ (yeah I KNOW it was based on a novel but if the book is like the film it can fuck off)
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘A song like this clearly can’t get old’ (There used to be better examples but they have all been replaced by people talking about Grand Theft Auto V as this song apparently features in the game.)

My Take: If you grew up listening to music at this time, there were a couple of things that were unavoidable. One of them was The Spice Girls. All Saints were the quieter, cooler, more calmly dressed, arguably more talented alternative whose tracks were less in your face but largely well put together. A notable exception was their horrendous cover of ‘Under the Bridge’ but for the most part their self penned tracks were solid in their pop/r n b silky vocal brilliance. Another thing you could not escape in this era was William Orbit and this stinks of him. He would take an ordinary song and give it a dance/mystery sound that at the time was quite striking and different. Until he did it like, 5,000 times. He was responsible for Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ album. With me? Anyway, this song is awesome. Well performed with a great chorus.

Did I own it: No but my sister did and we shared a room so I heard it a lot. They were eating ice lollies on the front cover of the CD. Because they are not always serious, y’know?

Could I sing along now: Nearly managed the whole thing but in my defence the verses are quite repetitive.

Worth Remembering: It is sad to me that All Saints’ lack of charisma and notorious in-fighting means they are not as fondly remembered as they ought to be. This may not be the highlight of their short career as a girl group but it is a good tune.

Date of Number 1: 11.03.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Madonna
Song Name: American Pie
Fact: This got to Number 1. The Don McLean original got to No 2.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Madonna’s cover is the only one I heard of and was sort of a lullaby for me as a kid so I naturally know and love it the best so suck your own balls’ (that escalated quickly)

My Take: In popular media this is largely regarded as one of the worst cover versions of all time. While I am proud of my eclectic taste in music at that age, I had not heard the McLean classic at that point in my life and remembered being chilled by the lyrical content which seemed to be so profound and so steeped in history. I thought this at 12, not knowing that this song’s meaning had been debated from time immemorial and had haunted a generation of rock n roll lovers. Now the only thing I give her credit for are the verses she chose to keep from the 8 minute song as they are strong examples of what makes the song work. Everything else: Her vocal, the twangy dance additions to the melody, the video with Rupert Everett (who claims coming out ruined his career when I suspect it is prancing around like a cunt in Madonna videos that gets you struck off the serious actor list for a while) are all cringey and tasteless. Was she ever cool? Never in my lifetime anyway.

Did I own it: My sister did. Again. Played it a lot. I liked it at the time but my God it has not aged well.

Could I sing along now: Every word. Mainly to block her out.

Worth Remembering: The original? Hell yes. It is marvellous. Madonna singing this? No. Not at all. In fact I had blocked this out.

Date of Number 1: 18.03.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Chicane (Feat. Bryan Adams)
Song Name: Don’t Give Up
Fact: This gave Bryan Adams his first No 1 since 1991.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Forever classic’

My Take: Don’t remember this at all and it is really not my kind of music. I am sure this would have been just spiffy had I been at the E taking, first holiday abroad without family kind of age. But I wasn’t. And it is boring and repetitive and contains Bryan Adams. Moving on.

Did I own it: No. Heard it for the first time today and did not make it to the end of its alarmingly long running time.

Could I sing along now: Not even if my life depended on it.

Worth Remembering: Already forgotten

Date of Number 1: 25.03.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Geri Halliwell
Song Name: Bag it Up
Fact: Her fourth solo single and her third to hit the top
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:
‘Very cool. Geri is one of the greatest female entertainers’

My Take: Oh wow. I have to hand it to Halliwell. She made next to nothing go a long way. Yes, it is the last refuge of the non-singer: Speak singing in a way that is supposed to be sexy but comes across more like a drunk aunt at a wedding doing karaoke without knowing the words. The thing that I remember most about this song was her Brit Awards performance where she showed up her ex-band mates by emerging from in between a giant pair of inflatable legs. I am not going to youtube that in case that never happened and I actually imagined that happening of my own free will. Ok it is all very well mocking Geri (an easy target) but what of the song? It is one of those incredibly original men are not the same as women manifestos that reverse the roles, putting women as the mad excitable ones sexually while still keeping it clean for her target audience…Subtlety was never the Ginger One’s strong point as the song ends with her proudly asking: ‘Whose wearing the trousers now?’ It would all be ok and fun to dance to if she wasn’t so pleased with herself. Clumsy, empty, and far too similar to both the song ‘Boogie Nights’ and the pretty marvellous Spice track ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ it did not survive long enough to become a disco staple and I for one am relieved.

Did I own it: Nah. I was still too hurt that she left The Spice Girls.

Could I sing along now: I remembered bits here and there I am ashamed to say. In the chorus is she singing ‘Don’t drop the baby?’ Good advice I suppose.

Worth Remembering: Oh dear me no. If any music snobs reading want me to slag off the Spice Girls I won’t do it, but this sucks.

Date of Number 1: 01.04.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Melanie C (Feat. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes)
Song Name: Never Be the Same Again
Fact: Mel C was also a Spice Girl. And Lisa was from another girl group called TLC
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘This song is a classic’

My Take: This hasn’t aged all that well for me but at the time it was my favourite Spice solo effort to date and with good reason. Mel C had tried the angry punk thing and had failed to pull it off and I remember feeling disappointed, feeling that as the best singer and tied with Emma Bunton for the most pleasant Spice, she ought to be better. So I was relieved when she proved her song writing chops here. It is a smooth r n b/pop number (oh the charts were rife with them then) about realising somebody you care about could be your special someone and it had a great memorable chorus and a nice little interlude from the stand out member of TLC. Going back to it, the faux record scratches, meh verses and fairly uninspired rap (I remember it being better) means it is a hit of its time rather than a modern pop classic but I still think fondly of it.

Did I own it: I had her album ‘Northern Star’ which was quite good. This was on it.

Could I sing along now: Yes. Even the rap. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Worth Remembering: Not really. ‘I Turn to You’ is her most enduring hit and I can see why. More on that later.

Date of Number 1: 08.04.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Westlife
Song Name: Fool Again
Fact: This set another record: first act to have their first five singles enter the chart at No 1.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Old song but who cares? Thumbs up if you are still listening to this in 2013. I am a 90’s girl!’

My Take: I think I have made my feelings about Westlife clear. Just in case you remain unsure where I stand: Boring. Blah, blah, dull, meh. Humdrum.

Did I own it: (yawning) Nope.

Could I sing along now: I can give you: ‘I can’t believe that I’m a fool again…’ from there it is a blur shaped smudge of boring

Worth Remembering: Who?

Date of Number 1: 15.04.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Craig David
Song Name: Fill Me In
Fact: His first solo hit. His previous chart success that contained the infamous ‘Bo Selecta’ thing was fronted by Artful Dodger (nope. Me neither.)
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘I really miss this sound. It was so unique. Craig David was so unique.’

My Take: It is hard to recall the dim and distant time when Craig David was very, very successful. Aside from Robbie Williams, Mr David may well be the most successful male solo artist of this era although I am too lazy to look that up. I never trusted him. With his silly facial hair, and ‘I am dead sensitive me’ eyes…He was always a bit pleased with himself. But did he write legit pop/rnb? Well I didn’t really remember this one and aside from a perfectly pleasant chorus (you know, to have on in the background in a pub while you have lunch) it earns little more than a shrug.

Did I own it: Nope.

Could I sing along now: Not at all. I wish I could say the same for all his hits…stay tuned…

Worth Remembering: Not even to jest about. Unlike…Well, Stay very, very tuned…

Date of Number 1: 22.04.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 2
Artist: Fragma
Song Name: Toca’s Miracle
Fact: This was a mix of two different 90’s songs. It shows.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘The greatest dance tune of the past 20 years…Finally an original!’

My Take: It took me a couple of minutes to remember this one and it was not recognisable to me from the title but now it comes back. It sounds more 90’s than 00’s and I don’t think it would chart as high today. Again if I had been at a clubbing age I am sure I would have enjoyed the generic female vocal, easy sing along chorus and the beat. But I was 12. And I didn’t care. Kudos to it for staying at the top for two weeks though. I was beginning to think pretty much only Westlife was going to get more than one week at No 1. and that would be sad.

Did I own it: No

Could I sing along now: Part of the chorus once I had remembered it.

Worth Remembering: Only for the youth to hear what used to get 90’s teens out of the house on a Saturday night. But even then there are better examples.

Date of Number 1: 06.05.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Oxide & Neutrino
Song Name: Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)
Fact: Two 17 year olds sampled the theme from Casualty.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

N/A. The comment section on this video was too depressing for words though.

My Take: Who and Who? Casualty theme topped the chart? Garage dance? What?

Did I own it: Hell to the no

Could I sing along now: Only the theme from Casualty. Everybody now: Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doooo…

Worth Remembering: Really not

Date of Number 1: 13.05.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Britney Spears
Song Name: Oops!…I Did it Again
Fact: First track from her second album. Must have been recorded quickly.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘If youtube had existed in 2000 this would have had a billion views’

My Take: You gotta hand it to Spears. I was starting to get bored there…Not anymore. With the ridiculous growling, the talkie bit in the middle that references Titanic and the thundering, ominous music, this is campy pop at its finest. While not quite reaching the delirious heights of BOMT… despite following the same formula, this is a catchy as hell example of what pop music should be trying to do. Be silly and own it. Watch the ironic smirks slink of someone’s face as they sing this…This is good song writing and they know it.

Did I own it: I was given her second album as a gift from my sister and this was the opening track. It was all down hill from there really, but I did like it at the time.

Could I sing along now: Hell yes. And do I do the dialogue that replaces the middle 8? No. It makes me confused.

Worth Remembering: Kind of yeah. I feel Britney has contributed at least 5 or 6 brilliant pop songs to the cannon and this is one of them. Silly can still be good. Even if she had no idea what the joke was.

Date of Number 1: 20.05.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Madison Avenue
Song Name: Don’t Call Me Baby
Fact: The band are from Australia and the song was in and out the chart from November 1999 before it claimed the number 1.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Music in the 90’s was so fine and today it sucks so much’

My Take: This was dance music that stuck in your brain and it would live on past the year it charted. But not for long. I do remember it and it is catchy as hell but it is not great. It kind of reminds me of the ‘I Need a Miracle’ song from earlier only a bit better. It shines brightly at the disco for a bit and then…fades.

Did I own it: I believe I had it on a Now That’s What I Call Music Album…I certainty seemed to hear it a lot.

Could I sing along now: I mumbled along with the chorus. Have already forgotten how the rest goes.

Worth Remembering: Nah. Not really.

Date of Number 1: 27.05.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Billie Piper
Song Name: Day & Night
Fact: She was previously known as just Billie. But she added the Piper for this one.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

N/A. Any views seem to come from Doctor Who fans confused and scared by this.

My Take: Before she was running around space being annoying, the one with the largest features in the world was a pop star. You have forgotten cause she was about 2 at the time. This song was a transparent attempt to make her a bit grittier, telling the world she was growing up and was nearly 3. But it does not take you anywhere unexpected or interesting and is a clear effort to make her a British Britney. Actually it is such a brazen copy of early Britney song ‘Crazy’ that it nearly makes me want to look up the writers/producers to see if they were the same. But I don’t care enough. Despite this getting to number 1, I am confident I won’t be talking about young Piper on this list again. Never mind mate. You are going to do acting and that. And marry Chris Evans for a bit. Who needs a pop career?

Did I own it: Again, Now Album, I am sure.

Could I sing along now: Nah. All I had was an uncertain: ‘All of the day, all of the night…something something something feels so right?’

Worth Remembering: This one does not have the so bad it is good factor of ‘Because we Want To’ (see you soon 90’s!) so no, I am afraid it is bland as hell.

Date of Number 1: 03.06.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 3
Artist: Sonique
Song Name: It Feels So Good
Fact: This was released in 1998 and didn’t even break the top 20. How quickly we forget.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Hell yes songs from the 80’s, 90’s and the year 2000 are the best’

My Take: You might not recognise it from the title but if I rename it: ‘And that’s what takes me high…’ does that ring a bell? Again, Dance is not really my thing but this has a bitchin’ chorus and the singer is quite good. If this came on in a club I would boogie on down with the rest but generally, why else would you listen to this stuff? Please someone tell me! I am not even being sarcastic! I don’t get ‘dance’ when you are not dancing…

Did I own it: Say it with me: Now That’s What I Call Music!

Could I sing along now: A little of the chorus

Worth Remembering: Not especially. Like I said it is not terrible.

Date of Number 1: 24.06.2000
Number of weeks at the top: 1
Artist: Black Legend
Song Name: You See the Trouble With Me
Fact: This is a dance version of a Barry White song. Without the Walrus of Love actually singing. Boo.
Over zealous top voted Youtube comment relating to how much better music used to be:

‘Big time classic!’

My Take: I thought for a horrible blood draining second that it was the Cha-Cha Slide meshed with Sex Bomb…It was a horrible second. I am hating the beat but the vocal is ok. But man the refrain is annoying…fuck this I am going to stop typing and switch this off.

Did I own it: Heard it for the first time today. I did not care for it.

Could I sing along now: Easy lyrics but I suspect I won’t be able to recall this tomorrow if only cause I will have blocked it out.

Worth Remembering: Nada

Next Time: Gold hot pants, fan devotion gone wrong and some of the worst cover versions of all time...July-December 2000



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  1. Artist: Sonique
    Song Name: It Feels So Good
    I was once stuck on hold to Virgin Media or someone with this on repeat. I think I was there for about half an hour. I can’t hear it without being angry at modern life.

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